Family Involved in Bitcoin Scam Plead Not Guilty

The case of the $34 million Bitcoin scam in Thailand continues as the family behind the alleged scam plead not guilty.

The wheels of justice are slowly, but surely, grinding forward in the case of a massive Bitcoin scam in Thailand. Last year, a Finnish man had over 5,000 bitcoins conned from him in an investment scheme. At the time, the coins were worth $24 million but are now worth over $30 million. Now members of the family that lies at the heart of the scam have officially entered their pleas in court.

Massive Bitcoin Scam

The entire scam began when Aamai Otava Saarimaa, a young man from Finland, was persuaded to invest over 5,000 bitcoins. This investment was supposed to be used to purchase Dragon Coin, a cryptocurrency used for gambling purposes, as well as for purchasing stock in several companies.

However, his Bitcoin investment was not used in such a manner. The Jaravijit family took control of the funds. The main figures in this Bitcoin scam appear to be Prinya Jaravijit…

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2018-11-07 19:00:29

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