Hackers From North Korea Targeting Bitcoin, Crypto Investors

North Korea Still In Love With Bitcoin, Crypto

Due to the decentralized, borderless, and censorship-resistant nature of Bitcoin and related technologies, North Korea, the world’s most well-known hermit state, has taken a liking to this decade-old innovation. But some would argue that North Korea has taken its crypto penchant a bit too far, with a multitude of reports indicating that the nation is leveraging cryptocurrencies for dubious financial gain.

As reported by Ethereum World News in mid-October, Lazarus, a supposed North Korea-based hacker consortium, was found to be responsible for five cryptocurrency exchange hacks, including the now-infamous $500 million breach of CoinCheck. A report from cybersecurity firm Group-IB, who first divulged this information, indicated that Lazarus’ constituents used social engineering, phishing, and malware to forcefully visit pertinent databases and access points.

Now, per the South China Morning Post, Lazarus has set its targets on retail…

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2018-12-01 21:26:25

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