How to buy Bitcoins and Where

Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity across the world. These cryptocurrencies use peer-to-peer technology to operate outside of the traditional banks and manage transactions that could not be covered by any other payment system before.

There are many ways to use these cryptocurrencies including buying and selling. When trading there are two things you need to get started. You will need a cryptocurrency wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange. The cryptowallet is where you will store your encrypted password that is used to represent your coins, essentially like the bank where you store your money. The cryptocurrency exchange is like the stock market.

How to buy Bitcoins and Where

Currently, Bitcoin is the top option for cryptocurrency. If you want to start buying and trading Bitcoin, the first thing you need is a Bitcoin wallet. This isn’t a physical wallet, it is a digital place with a public and a private key that makes buying and selling Bitcoin…

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2018-12-07 11:00:04

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