IBM and Seagate to Create Blockchain-Based Tracking Solution for Hard Drives

The leading technology firm will work with the data storage company to put hard drive information on the blockchain to fight the counterfeit market.

IBM and Seagate Join Hands

The US-based IT giant, International Business Machines (IBM), has announced a partnership with Seagate, a leading data storage company to build a blockchain-powered system that will help identify counterfeit hard drives.

The development which was reported by ZDNet will help Seagate in traceability and authentication of hard drives.

IBM’s existing blockchain platform and the security technology from Seagate will be used to build a solution that will help in addressing the issue of counterfeit devices.

The solution will also improve security and compliance for the firm’s customer organizations that use the hard drives.

The Issue

As pointed out by both firms, a critical problem that electronics manufacturers face is the threat of fake components in the supply chain. Identifying counterfeit parts, it is…

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2018-11-10 21:00:12

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