McAfee: Bitcoin (BTC) At $1 Million By 2020 Is “Conservative”

The True Value Of Bitcoin (BTC) Is Escalating Tremendously

John McAfee, a well-known tech-centric entrepreneur turned crypto diehard, recently sat down with CoinTelegraph in an exclusive interview to discuss his views on the current state of crypto. Interestingly, even as prices stagnate and remain 72% under the infamously funny “McAfee Dick Line,” the eccentric crypto savant has maintained his thought process that Bitcoin (BTC) will somehow surpass $1 million during 2020, a mere ~18 months away.

Late into the interview, the Cointelegraph interviewer posed a tough question — asking McAfee how he makes a prediction for the future value of BTC.

Seeming prepared to answer such a question, McAfee noted that it’s “simple,” touching on the fact that the growing number of transactions and individuals using the Bitcoin Network indicate that the true value of BTC is “escalating tremendously.”

Just a few days…

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2018-11-10 23:01:31

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