Meet Camikaze: The next generation of drones

Since drone technology became available to consumer markets, it’s seen an impressive rate of adoption, with 2018 projected sales of $1.2 billion in North America alone.

A significant part of this spend is by “prosumers”, consumers who are happy to spend extra on professional-grade products. The drone prosumer will soon have a new reason to get excited.

Israeli drone company Camikaze is about to drop its new product onto the market: the world’s most extreme drone.

Why Extreme Drones?

Despite drone technology becoming more available to everyday consumers, it has not been without its problems.

GoPro released its Karma drone back in 2016 but was forced to recall it after numerous users reported issues including their drone literally falling out of the sky. The company ultimately announced it would stop selling the product in January of this year, taking a hit on its share price in the process. Chinese company DJI has fared better, but users have nevertheless experienced issues

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2018-12-07 11:30:04

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