NEO Aims to Realize Network Decentralization in 2019

In October of 2018, NEO Global Development (NGD) released a technical document titled “How to Become NEO Consensus Node”, containing a detailed description of how to host and maintain an NEO consensus node.

Recently, NGD updated the document to further elaborate on plans to “promote the decentralization process.” Node decentralization is the first step towards full decentralization.

At present, the NEO MainNet has seven consensus nodes. Netherlands-based telecommunications company, KPN, and open-source community group, City of Zion, host one node each. The other five nodes are currently hosted by the NEO Foundation in various regions around the world.

The latest version of How to Become NEO Consensus Node(v1.3) includes new information on the rules and election schedules of upcoming consensus node selection cycles. After nearly a year of continuous improvements, protocol…

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2018-12-06 06:00:35

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