NEO’s Bug Allows Hackers To Steal Your Coins Remotely says China’s Tencent

Since the time cryptocurrencies have become popular and have gained value, hackers have been pretty active in exploiting vulnerabilities of blockchains and stealing coins. The latest victim that has fallen prey to hackers is NEO. According to the latest Weibo Post, Tencent Security Joint Labs has pointed out a vulnerability in NEO’s network which hackers are exploiting to steal coins remotely.

Vulnerability might slow down NEO’s roadmap project

NEO is one of the popular cryptocurrencies and has been often referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum” due to its similarity with Ethereum which allows developers to create smart contracts and decentralized applications. But the latest revelation by Tencent Security labs may take some limelight from NEO. According to the Weibo post  by Tencent Security Joint Lab (loosely translated from Chinese) states

“[Burst] Blockchain re-explosive money crisis! @腾讯湛泸Lab Monitoring the famous blockchain project NEO (corresponding to the digital currency…

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2018-12-01 19:39:42

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