Principle Sacked Over Ethereum Mining

It has been reported by a local news outlet in China that teachers at a local middle school in the Hunan Province of Chenzhous, have been caught mining the second biggest cryptocurrency, Ethereum on school property. The operation allegedly was carried out for months on end but they didn’t go completely unnoticed

The operation for mining Ethereum actually slowed down the network at the school making it hard for the other teachers to actually do their job. In the end, the teachers wanted answers and eventually uncovered the mining operation.

By way of explanation, the Principal and Vice Principal, who were accomplices in the enterprise moved the operation to the school due to their electricity bills being too high. Principal Lei Hua lost his job during the disaster and the Vice Principal was let off with only a warning.

Hua explained about how the machines came to be placed at the school and that he originally spent over 10,000 yuan on the first rig and then came to realise that…

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2018-11-09 12:00:25

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