Ripple (XRP): Fractal Similarities Point To Explosive Breakout In Early 2019

Ripple (XRP) is following the exact same fractal it formed back in 2017. The similarities were visible since the beginning of September but now the big picture is clear without any doubt. Ripple (XRP) has already completed the Oval and Circle phases of the fractal. It is about to enter the triangular phase that it is expected to break out of in early 2019 to possibly reach a new all time high. Considering that 2018 has been a heavy bear market and sentiment will take some time to recover, it would be very impressive for Ripple (XRP) to reach a new all time high this soon. That being said, we have pointed to a mini altcoin season in some of our previous analyses.

It is not clear yet whether any of the other cryptocurrencies might be able to reach a new all time high that early in 2019 but as far as Ripple (XRP) is concerned, the big picture is clear. Considering that Ripple (XRP) has done a good job at respecting investors’ wishes and has performed better than the rest of the…

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2018-12-01 16:00:00

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