Ripple (XRP) On The Verge Of A Breakout As Price Action Repeats History

Ripple Chart With Values

Ripple (XRP) has cleared its way against Bitcoin (BTC). The weekly chart for XRP/BTC shows that Ripple (XRP) has broken above critical EMA resistances and is now clear to take off. During Ripple (XRP)’s last cycle, we saw it forming four consecutive candles against Bitcoin (BTC) and made a new ATH. This pattern has also been repeated in the past and is very likely to be repeated again this time. If Ripple (XRP) were to form four consecutive candles this time, it is likely to break above a price of 0.00024 BTC and create a new all time high. At its current pace, Ripple (XRP) would be expected to reach that all time high around March, 2019.

All technical indicators and market conditions are ripe for Ripple (XRP) to begin a new cycle against Bitcoin (BTC). RSI for the above chart is moving towards overbought territory which will make it difficult for Ripple (XRP) to print four consecutive candles like last time. However, it is expected to reach a new all time high nevertheless even…

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2018-11-07 22:30:20

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