Roger Ver admits that he “may have been fooled” regarding the Bitcoin Cash fork

In the wake of the new Bitcoin Cash hard fork, prominent Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver has released a video outlining his thoughts on the scheduled “upgrade” fork.

In the first minute of the video, Ver states:

“It’s never easy to admit that I’ve been fooled. Maybe I’ve been fooled.” 

Ver then reveals an email that Craig Wright (who often claims to be Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto) allegedly sent to him with a “welcome to bankruptcy” tone. Ver showed a screenshot of the email – as seen below from the video – and read it commenting that this should not be how mature business person acts.

Every six months, Bitcoin Cash is scheduled to undergo an upgrade which comes in the form of a hard fork. This is the first time, however, that there has been such contention around it. There are different ‘options’ or fork splits which could happen and the main, unusual issue is that there has been no agreement as to which one should be taken. If consensus is not met, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin…

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2018-11-09 09:00:59

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