Satoshi Nakamoto comes alive with first post in 4 years – big news coming?

Satoshi Nakamoto lives!

After four years of inactivity the account at P2P Foundation of the person or persons who invented bitcoin has posted and it has got the crypto community buzzing with excitement.

If the account is genuinely controlled by Satoshi Nakamoto then what should we make of his solitary post and the befriending of a Brazilian of Japanese descent, Wagner Tamanaha?

Crypto sleuths who have followed the twists and turns of the modern-day folklore that surrounds the true identity of Nakamoto, have gone into overdrive.

What is the meaning of the post of the word “nour” on 29 November?

Who is Tamanaha and why was he friended?

P2PFoundation Satoshi

Newsweek didn’t do much to enhance its journalistic reputation when it claimed to have found Nakamoto back in 2014 after tracking down someone with a similar name living in California. Suffice to say they were barking up the wrong tree.

The story was referred to by Satoshi at the time and was the last post to P2P Foundation before the latest…

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2018-12-01 15:34:54

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