Singapore Residents Lose $80K To Bitcoin Scam

Just under $80,000 was lost due to cryptocurrency scammers in Singapore earlier in the year after they used a number of strategies which involved the spreading of false information regarding phoney online investments, designed to bring in investors.

A new report has revealed that the scams were specifically designed to reel in residents of Singapore by using local celebrities who ‘endorsed’ the scams. This was most likely done without their consent.

According to CCN, “local police stated that the basic format of the scam involves the use of online articles which function as recruitment material for investors who do not carry out enough due diligence.” The said articles usually featured bright endorsements and testimonials bigging up the scam investment programs from some famous faces in the country including public figures and celebrities. This will usually bring in multiple low-level investors who wish to imitate the public faces they can see ‘promoting’ the programs.


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2018-12-06 19:30:00

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