Sirin Labs’ Blockchain Phone Can Only Be Bought With SRN Tokens

Blockchain phones are all the rage right now. These mobile devices will offer exposure to distributed applications and various cryptocurrencies. Sirin Labs is one of the main companies people are keeping an eye on. Unfortunately, buying their blockchain phone, the FINNEY, is not as straightforward as assumed.

The Sirin Labs Marketing Stunt

Developing a blockchain phone and pricing it at $1,000 is a pretty big gamble. However, not letting customers buy the device with traditional payment methods is something else entirely. Anyone who is interested in this device will need to obtain SRN tokens to buy the item. For early pre-orders, the SRN token is the only option. Additional payment methods may be added in the months to follow.

The blockchain phone by Sirin Labs offers some interesting features. Users can benefit from the built-in hardware wallet which supports different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the company aims to let users convert crypto assets to other assets on the fly….

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2018-11-30 22:00:29

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