Speculation Behind ZCash Listing On Coinbase

Almost immediately after Ethereum Classic was listed on Coinbase back in August, the exchange had five other digital assets in its crosshairs which included, ZCash, 0x, BAT, Cardano and Stellar. During October, Coinbase listed 0x and in early November they went onto list the Basic Attention Token. One theory believes that the exchange is swayed towards listing ERC20 tokens such as ZRK and BAT because of the ease of implementing the two with the platform which already supports Ethereum. Now, this would explain why the exchange chose the two digital assets first.

Earlier in the week, Coinbase Pro revealed that it was now listing ZEC. This news came as a surprise to many crypto investors and traders who believed Stellar was next in line after BAT and ZRX.

Considering the exchange doesn’t give any reasons behind their choice of listings, we will look into why Coinbase decided to list ZEC before they listed Stellar. There are two speculative possibilities as to why this has…

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2018-11-30 19:30:00

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