Tether Overtakes Bitcoin SV In Crypto Ranking

Tether Overtakes Bitcoin SV In Crypto Ranking

Bitcoin SV split from Bitcoin cash ABC after the just concluded fork on the Bitcoin cash network. The cryptocurrency Tether which claims that it’s value is tethered to the United States Dollar is indicating better performance than Bitcoin SV. The latest ranking shows Bitcoin SV just one step below tether on the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Tether Surpass Bitcoin Cash SV

Tether Outperforming Bitcoin SV

According to latest Rankings, Tether has a market capitalization of 1,856,421,736 USDT and Bitcoin SV is behind with just 17,477,861 BSV. The ranking also revealed that tether is more stable than Bitcoin SV with a 24-hour price movement of just -0.03%. Prices of the Bitcoin SV moved by about -9.01% indicating that the cryptocurrency is in a lot of turbulence.

The price of the cryptocurrency tether is directly proportional to the current price of the USD. Implying that at any given time, 1 Tether equals to 1 American dollar. The cryptocurrency developers claim that for every unit of Tether there is $1 dollar…

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2018-12-01 08:37:13

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