The ‘Loose Theory’ that Wall Street is Manipulating Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptos To Buy Cheap

Hollywood movies are never too far removed from reality. In the case of unfair practices on Wall Street, we have seen it in legendary movies such as the 1987 classic by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen also known as Wall Street. The movie was loosely responsible for the attraction many young graduates – in the 80s and 90s – had for stock market trading. In a nutshell, the movie glorified greed.

We have also seen several other films that continue to give us a glimpse of the underbelly of what goes on in the traditional markets. These movies include The Big Short, Gold, Wall Street II, Margin Call, The China Hustle, just to name a few. With the weekend a few hours away, the aforementioned movies might be worth exploring for any crypto enthusiast with free time.

The Theory That Wall Street Is Manipulating Bitcoin and Crypto

It is no secret that the talk in most crypto communities on all social media platforms has hinted that Wall Street has a hand in the current market turmoil we…

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2018-12-07 10:35:55

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