These Three Companies Have Potential to Deliver Blockchain Services, Says JPMorgan

JPMorgan has listed three companies it believes are ideally positioned to deliver blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) to potential investors.

Full Faith in the Technology

The Wall Street bank is one finance institution that is embracing the blockchain.

Through its Interbank Information Network (IIN), JPMorgan is aiming to streamline the firm’s global payments process by reducing delays. In September, it was reported that the bank had attracted 76 banks to join its blockchain-based financial application.

Now, in its continued enthusiasm for the technology, it has listed three companies it believes will deliver blockchain-as-a-service to potential investors, reports CNBC.

In a note to clients, Sterling Auty, JPMorgan software equity research analyst, said:

Investors should be looking to identify where the opportunity to replace a middleman is the biggest, or where trust is needed where none exists, or what companies are the best positioned to offer blockchain as a service.

Notably, the…

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2018-11-10 12:00:29

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