Tim Draper Stays Bullish on Bitcoin, Markets See Green

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC)–Cryptocurrency advocate and Bitcoin bull Tim Draper has remained true to his nature by sticking with his prediction that BTC will reach $250,000 by the year 2022.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the Web Summit conference on November 6, Draper reiterated his stance that BTC, despite 2018 being a down year for cryptocurrency, will achieve a valuation of a quarter million dollars by the end of 2022. Draper originally proposed the prediction back in April of this year, in the midst of a market slide but not to the current degree of loss experienced by Bitcoin and the altcoin market. Draper’s comments at the time were self-aware, with the venture capital investor admitting that most people would look at his figure with skepticism,

“Believe it, it’s going to happen – they’re going to think you’re crazy but believe it, it’s happening, it’s going to be awesome!”

While many have looked upon Draper’s position as hyping the currency…

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2018-11-10 22:30:13

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