Trading Platform eToro Unveils Blockchain Solution to Tackle Economic Disparity

Global trading platform eToro reveals its plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, GoodDollar, to provide economic tools for the unbanked.

Trading platform eToro has recently unveiled blockchain-driven social project GoodDollar to tackle global wealth inequality, according to a press release obtained by Cointelegraph Wednesday, Nov. 7.

GoodDollar had been presented at Web Summit held this week in Lisbon, Portugal. According to the release, eToro has invested $1 million of its funds to the project and is seeking for more partners to join the initiative.

The project’s main goal is to provide economic tools for people who are unbanked or disenfranchised, creating “non-speculative cryptocurrency that aims to find ways to reduce wealth inequality on a global scale,” the release reads. The decentralized solution claims to establish a direct ownership connection between identity and the currency, thus helping…

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2018-11-07 17:00:00

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