VeChainThor Node Tokenization and Mobile Wallet Update

Back in 2016, VeChain successfully implemented the first blockchain based anti-counterfeiting and traceability solution for luxury bags, in which we assign a cryptographically generated unique ID to each piece of bag, register it on the blockchain and trace the information of the product, logistics, and ownership throughout the supply chain. Does this concept sound familiar to you? Yes, by giving an item a unique ID on the blockchain the product becomes a non-fungible token which can be operated by multi-parties and be transferred between blockchain addresses.

Following VIP180 — fungible token standard, we published VIP181 — non-fungible token standard for developers to follow and create non-fungible tokens on the VeChainThor Blockchain. In relation to the new standard, VeChain Foundation has tokenized the Status of VeChainThor Nodes including Economic Nodes and Economic X…

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2018-12-04 14:55:38

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