VJ Angelo, CEO of Cryptoindex Talks About Their Mission

Cryptoindex is making waves by creating a platform that is on par, or even better than the standard indices that are currently available for conventional financial assets. We asked VJ Angelo, the company’s CEO to get a clear picture of their vision and what they are attempting to achieve by attaining that vision.

Q: Cryptoindex seems to be on a mission to create an index similar to S&P100, Dow Jones, NASDAQ Composite and more, but in the cryptocurrency industry. How is it going to benefit the market and how do you compare it with the mainstream market indices?

A: It is very important for any product that wants to be a part of a financial services solution to provide familiar tools that can be used to evaluate the market. Indices are a key factor in that toolbox.

We aren’t necessarily trying to replicate those indices. However, we are looking to provide a similar service relevant to our market sector. It’s important for Crypto to be independent of the old world yet use the lessons…

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2018-11-30 17:00:03

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