Wrapping up Devcon4

Last week, more than 3,000 blockchain engineers, thinkers and investors descended on the city of Prague for the 4th Annual Ethereum Developers Conference. The ethos of an open financial system was on full display as everyone came together to ideate on and solve some of the toughest challenges facing Ethereum and blockchains today. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights from our week.

DeFi Summit
We kicked off the week at DeFi Summit, the second event in a new series hosted by a number of startups building the new decentralized financial infrastructure. Alex Kern of Coinbase’s identity team and Ron Bernstein of Paradex gave a presentation called, “The Future of Permissioned Relays”. They talked about how relays could incorporate certain KYC elements and enable the trading of permissioned assets like securities. The presentation included a cool demo that showcased how Paradex, a relay product, could one day make use of this utility.

“Future of Permissioned Relays” Talk (L-R): Alex Kern (Coinbase Identity), Ron Bernstein (Paradex)

We also hosted a conversation called, “How Stablecoins Unlock an Open Financial System,” led by Emre Tekisalp, Business Development Lead on Coinbase Wallet. Stablecoins, like Coinbase’s own USDC, are essentially programmable money that is easy to send to friends, use in applications, and store on your device without needing a bank account, while also protecting users from the volatility we see in cryptocurrencies such…

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