XRP TipBot and Coil hit new milestone; deposits surpass the 10,000 figure

Wietse Wind, the creator of the micropayment service, XRP Tip Bot tweeted the news that the deposits on the platform, including Coil, have surpassed the 10,000 figure in XRP. Wind also wrote that the progress is a landmark in the success journey of the STREAMing micropayments and web monetization. The post read:

“Looks like @xrptipbot’s ILP/@Coil deposits just blazed past 10 000 XRP in record time. What a great landmark for for Streaming micropayments and #WebMonetization. It will be 100 000 soon.”

He also posted the stats of the XRP TipBot deposits where the accurate number was displayed at 10475.612 XRP under Coil deposits.

Xrp Tipbot stats | Source: xrptipbot.com

Xrp Tipbot stats | Source: xrptipbot.com

Another fate-changing success was witnessed by the service when the creator developed an app for the platform that received approval from Apple and Google stores in October. The app has all the convenient features, such as show/hide balance, sync contact, browse through the transaction history and more. The app has…

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2018-11-09 17:00:08

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